Article Processing Charges and Single Article Pricing

Article Processing Charges for Subscription Journals

We offer authors the option to pay for their articles to be Open Access in Applied Optics, JOSA A, JOSA B, or Optics Letters. The fee for optional open access is $1,904 per article. Authors will be invited to consider this option when page proofs are available. Open Access papers will be flagged as such in the journal issue table of contents and in the results of Optica Publishing Group searches.

A special message to readers of JOSA A, JOSA B, Optics Letters, and Applied Optics: If you feel that an article in any one of these journals deserves wider access, you also have the option of sponsoring the Open Access fee. The fee for readers is the same as for authors. If you're interested in sponsoring a particular article to be Open Access, contact

Single Article Pricing (PPV)

Pay Per View

We offer readers the opportunity to purchase a single article from Advances in Optics & Photonics, Applied Optics, JOSA A, JOSA B, or Optics Letters. The cost is $35USD for non-Optica members and $15USD for Optica members. To purchase an article, click on the PDF you would like to download, then click on the "Single Article Purchase" button and follow the instructions.

For more information, contact