A Third of a Century

For a third of a century, Journal of Lightwave Technology (JLT) has been publishing breakthrough research across all aspects of guided-wave optical science, technology, engineering, and applications, including theoretical, numerical, and experimental results from laboratory setups to field trials. The papers below, which were published over the course of JLT's history, reflect on the progress and impact that lightwave technologies have had on society.

Author Title Year
P. J. Winzer, C. Chang-Hasnain, , A. E. Willner, R. C. Alferness, R. W. Tkach, T. G. Giallorenzi Third of a Century of Lightwave Technology January 1983–April 2016 (Editorial) 2016
Fibers and Fiber-Based Devices
S. C. Rashleigh Origins and Control of Polarization Effects in Single-Mode Fibers 1983
J. Noda, K. Okamoto, Y. Sasaki, Polarization-Maintaining Fibers and Their Applications 1986
D. B. Mortimore Fiber Loop Reflectors 1988
E. Desurvire, J. R. Simpson J. R. Simpson, Amplification of Spontaneous Emission in Erbium-Doped Single-Mode Fibers 1989
C. R. Giles, E. Desurvire Modeling Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers 1991
W. J. Miniscalco Erbium-Doped Glasses for Fiber Amplifiers at 1500 nm 1991
G. J. Foschini, C. D. PooleStatistical Theory of Polarization Dispersion in Single Mode Fibers 1991
A. M. Vengsarkar, P. J. Lemaire, J. B. Judkins, V. Bhatia, T. Erdogan, J. E. Sipe Long-Period Fiber Gratings as Band-Rejection Filters 1996
P. K. A. Wai, C. R. Menyuk Polarization Mode Dispersion, Decorrelation, and Diffusion in Optical Fibers with Randomly Varying Birefringence 1996
A. D. Kersey, M. A. Davis, H. J. Patrick, M. LeBlanc, K. Koo, C. Askins, M. Putnam, E. J. Friebele Fiber Grating Sensors 1997
T. Erdogan, Fiber Grating Spectra 1997
K. O. Hill, G. Meltz Fiber Bragg Grating Technology Fundamentals and Overview 1997
H. J. Patrick, A. D. Kersey, F. Bucholtz, Analysis of the Response of Long Period Fiber Gratings to External Index of Refraction 1998
T. M. Monro, D. J. Richardson Holey Optical Fibers: An Efficient Modal Model 1999
X. Shu, L. Zhang, I. Bennion Sensitivity Characteristics of Long-Period Fiber Gratings 2002
P. S. J. Russell, Photonic-Crystal Fibers 2006
Lasers and Opto-Electronic Devices
R. W. Tkach, A. R. Chraplyvy Regimes of Feedback Effects in 1.5-µm Distributed Feedback Lasers 1986
C. H. Henry Phase Noise in Semiconductor Lasers 1986
J. E. Bowers, C. Burrus Ultrawide-Band Long-Wavelength Pin Photodetectors 1987
R. V. Ramaswamy, R. Srivastava Ion-Exchanged Glass Waveguides: A Review 1988
F. Koyama, K. Iga Frequency Chirping in External Modulators 1988
C. Dragone Efficient N*N Star Couplers Using Fourier Optics 1989
L. B. Soldano, E. C. M. Pennings, Optical Multi-Mode Interference Devices Based on Self-Imaging: Principles and Applications 1995
B. E. Little, S. T. Chu, H. A. Haus, J. Foresi, J.-P. Laine Microring Resonator Channel Dropping Filters 1997
P. Rabiei, W. H. Steier, C. Zhang, L. R. Dalton Polymer Micro-Ring Filters and Modulators 2002
W. Bogaerts, R. Baets, P. Dumon, V. Wiaux, S. Beckx, D. Taillaert, B. Luyssaert, J. Van Campenhout, P. Bienstman, D. Van Thourhout Nanophotonic Waveguides in Silicon-on-Insulator Fabricated with CMOS Technology 2005
M. Lipson Guiding, Modulating, and Emitting Light on Silicon-Challenges and Opportunities 2005
A. Boltasseva, T. Nikolajsen, K. Leosson, K. Kjaer, M. S. Larsen, S. I. Bozhevolnyi Integrated Optical Components Utilizing Long-Range Surface Plasmon Polaritons 2005
B. Jalali, S. Fathpour Silicon Photonics 2006
Analog and Digital Subsystems
F. Derr Coherent Optical QPSK Intradyne System: Concept and Digital Receiver Realization 1992
T. Durhuus, B. Mikkelsen, C. Joergensen, S. L. Danielsen, K. E. Stubkjaer Optical Wavelength Conversion by Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers 1996
S. J. B. Yoo Wavelength Conversion Technologies for WDM Network Applications 1996
G. I. Papadimitriou, C. Papazoglou, A. S. Pomportsis, Optical Switching: Switch Fabrics, Techniques, and Architectures 2003
D. C. Kilper, R. Bach, D. J. Blumenthal, D. Einstein, T. Landolsi, L. Ostar, M. Preiss, A. E. Willner Optical Performance Monitoring 2004
A. H. Gnauck, P. J. Winzer Optical Phase-Shift-Keyed Transmission 2005
R. S. Tucker, P. C. Ku, C. J. Chang-Hasnain, Slow-Light Optical Buffers: Capabilities and Fundamental Limitations 2005
P. J. Winzer, R. J. Essiambre Advanced Modulation Formats for High-Capacity Optical Transport Networks 2006
D. S. Ly-Gagnon, S. Tsukamoto, K. Katoh, K. Kikuchi, Coherent Detection of Optical Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying Signals with Carrier Phase Estimation 2006
J. Armstrong OFDM for Optical Communications 2009
T. Pfau, S. Hoffmann, R. Noé, Hardware-Efficient Coherent Digital Receiver Concept With Feedforward Carrier Recovery for M-QAM Constellations 2009
Lightwave Systems
N. A. Olsson Lightwave Systems with Optical Amplifiers 1989
A. R. Chraplyvy Limitations on Lightwave Communications Imposed by Optical-Fiber Nonlinearities 1990
P. Humblet, M. Azizoglu, On the Bit Error rate of Lightwave Systems with Optical Amplifiers 1991
D. Marcuse, A. R. Chraplyvy, R. W. Tkach Effect of Fiber Nonlinearity on Long-Distance Transmission 1991
R. W. Tkach, A. R. Chraplyvy, F. Forghieri, A. H. Gnauck, R. M. Derosier Four-Photon Mixing and High-Speed WDM Systems 1995
N. S. Bergano, C. R. Davidson Circulating Loop Transmission Experiments for the Study of Long-Haul Transmission Systems Using Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers 1995
E. Ip, J. M. Kahn Compensation of Dispersion and Nonlinear Impairments Using Digital Backpropagation 2008
C. R. S. Fludger, T. Duthel, D. Van Den Borne, C. Schulien, E. D. Schmidt, T. Wuth, J. Geyer, E. De Man, G. D. Khoe, H. de Waardt, Coherent Equalization and POLMUX-RZ-DQPSK for Robust 100-GE Transmission 2008
S. L. Jansen, I. Morita, T. C. W. Schenk, N. Takeda, H. Tanaka, Coherent Optical 25.8-Gb/s OFDM Transmission Over 4160-km SSMF 2008
K. Roberts, M. O'Sullivan, K. T. Wu, H Sun, A. Awadalla, D. J. Krause, C. Laperle Performance of Dual-Polarization QPSK for Optical Transport Systems 2009
R. J. Essiambre, G. Kramer, P. J. Winzer, G. J. Foschini, B. Goebel Capacity Limits of Optical Fiber Networks 2010
P. J. Winzer, A. H. Gnauck, C. R. Doerr, M. Magarini, L. L. Buhl, Spectrally Efficient Long-Haul Optical Networking Using 112-Gb/s Polarization-Multiplexed 16-QAM 2010
G. Bosco, V. Curri, A. Carena, P. Poggiolini, F. Forghieri On the Performance of Nyquist-WDM Terabit Superchannels Based on PM-BPSK, PM-QPSK, PM-8QAM or PM-16QAM Subcarriers 2011
R. Ryf, S. Randel, A. H. Gnauck, C. Bolle, A. Sierra, S. Mumtaz, M. Esmaeelpour, E. C. Burrows, R. J. Essiambre, P. J. Winzer, D. W. Peckham, Alan. H. McCurdy, R. Lingle, Mode-Division Multiplexing Over 96 km of Few-Mode Fiber Using Coherent 6 x 6 MIMO Processing 2012
A. Carena, V. Curri, G. Bosco, P. Poggiolini, F. Forghieri, Modeling of the Impact of Nonlinear Propagation Effects in Uncompensated Optical Coherent Transmission Links 2012
J. Sakaguchi, B. J. Puttnam, W. Klaus, Y. Awaji, N. Wada, A. Kanno, T. Kawanishi, K. Imamura, H. Inaba, K. Mukasa, R. Sugizaki, T. Kobayashi, M. Watanabe,305 Tb/s Space Division Multiplexed Transmission Using Homogeneous 19-Core Fiber 2013
E. Ip, M. J. Li, K. Bennett, Y. K. Huang, 146λ × 6 × 19-Gbaud Wavelength-and Mode-Division Multiplexed Transmission Over 10 × 50-km Spans of Few-Mode Fiber with a Gain-Equalized Few-Mode EDFA 2014
Optical Networks
S. B. Alexander, R. S. Bondurant, D. Byrne, V. W. S. Chan, S. G. Finn, R. Gallager, B. S. Glance, H. A. Haus, P. Humblet, R. Jain, I. P. Kaminow, M. Karol, R. S. Kennedy, A. Kirby, Han Q. Le, A. A. M. Saleh, B. A. Schofield, J. H. Shapiro, N. K. Shankaranarayanan, R. E. Thomas, R. C. Williamson, R. W. Wilson, A Precompetitive Consortium on Wide-Band All-Optical Networks 1983
R. E. Wagner, R. C. Alferness, A. A. M. Saleh, M. S. Goodman MONET: Multiwavelength Optical Networking 1996
D. K. Hunter, M. C. Chia, I. Andonovic, Buffering in Optical Packet Switches 1998
M. Duser, P. Bayvel, Analysis of a Dynamically Wavelength-Routed Optical burst Switched Network Architecture 2002
S. Ramamurthy, L. Sahasrabuddhe, B. Mukherjee, Survivable WDM Mesh Networks 2003
J. Baliga, R. Ayre, K. Hinton, W. V. Sorin, R. S. Tucker Energy Consumption in Optical IP Networks 2009
K. Christodoulopoulos, I. Tomkos, E. A. Varvarigos Elastic Bandwidth Allocation in Flexible OFDM-Based Optical Networks 2011
Access and Interconnect Systems
T. E. Darcie Subcarrier Multiplexing for Multiple-Access Lightwave Networks 1987
J. Salehi, A. M. Weiner, J. P. Heritage Coherent Ultrashort Light Pulse Code-Division Multiple Access Communication Systems 1990
C. H. Lee, W. V. Sorin, B. Y. Kim, Fiber to the Home Using a PON Infrastructure 2006
J. Vucic, C. Kottke, S. Nerreter, K. D. Langer, J. W. Walewski 513 Mbit/s Visible Light Communications Link Based on DMT-Modulation of a White LED 2010
N. Cvijetic OFDM for Next-Generation Optical Access Networks 2012
M. A. TaubenblattOptical Interconnects for High-Performance Computing 2012
Y. Luo, X. Zhou, F. Effenberger, X. Yan, G. Peng, Y. Qian, Y. Ma Time- and Wavelength-Division Multiplexed Passive Optical Network (TWDM-PON) for Next-Generation PON Stage 2 (NG-PON2) 2013
A Pizzinat, P Chanclou, F. Saliou, T. Diallo Things you Should Know About Fronthaul 2015
X. Liu Efficient Mobile Fronthaul Via DSP-Based Channel Aggregation 2016
H. Haas, L. Yin, Y. Wang, C. Chen, What is LiFi? 2016
Microwave Photonics
A. J. Seeds, K. J. Williams Microwave Photonics 2006
J. Capmany, B. Ortega, D. Pastor A Tutorial on Microwave Photonic Filters 2006
J. Yao, Microwave Photonics 2009