Become an Editor

Our editors ensure the high quality of Optica Publishing Group journals. They are responsible for enforcing the guidelines for peer review and acceptance of manuscript submissions, finding appropriate reviewers for each manuscript, and basing editorial decisions on sound judgment. They ensure that authors and reviewers are treated fairly in the peer review process and that manuscripts are acted upon in a timely manner.


Editors must be active researchers or engineers with a strong international reputation in their field. A significant record of publications in peer-reviewed high-quality journals is desirable. Editors should have an excellent reviewing record, characterized by timeliness, fair-mindedness, and efficiency. Editors must be willing to commit adequate time to their editorial responsibilities, must be responsive to authors and reviewers, and should have the full support of their institutions. No editor of an Optica Publishing Group journal should undertake active editorial functions for other journals without prior approval of the Board of Editors. Concurrent editorial appointments for other journals will be assessed by the Editor-in-Chief and the Optica Publishing Group Board of Editors to determine whether there is a conflict of interest. We conduct an annual audit to ensure there are no new editorial conflicts. Optica Publishing Group membership is not a requirement, but is considered highly desirable.

Terms of Service

Our editors typically serve for a three-year term and may be reappointed for a second term at the discretion of the appointing body.

Appointment Process

Editors-in-Chief are nominated by the Board of Editors, endorsed by the Publications Council, and appointed by Optica Publishing Group's Board of Directors. Deputy, Division, Topical, Associate, and Feature issue editors are nominated by Editors-in-Chief and appointed by the Board of Editors.

If you are interested in becoming an editor for an Optica Publishing Group journal, send your CV and a statement of your interest to