Optics and Optical Instruments—Preparation of drawings for optical elements and systems: A User's Guide

By OSA Standards Committee
eds. Ronald K. Kimmel and Robert E. Parks

We hope you appreciate this republication of ISO 10110 Optics and Optical Instruments—Preparation of Drawings for Optical Elements and Systems: A User's Guide, first published in 1995. This open-access republication is intended to give you a feel for the ISO 10110 standard and an overview of its general scope and methodology. It is not intended for use as a standard as it is hopelessly out of date. Copyright 1995

When you have convinced yourself of the usefulness of ISO 10110, go to www.ISO.org or www.ANSI.org and order the standard. Yes, we know it is pricey, but it is a cost of doing business in the optics industry. Ultimately, using the standard will save you money. The advantage of using ISO 10110 is that the optics world is global and, if your drawings are done according to this standard, they will be more likely to be understood worldwide.

If you find there are parts of ISO 10110 that put you to a disadvantage, or you have something to add to the standard, please contact Patrick Augino at the Optics and Electro-Optics Standards Council (OEOSC) Exec_Director@oeosc.org and join OEOSC. OEOSC is the US ANSI member of the ISO optical standards writing committee, TC172. As a member of OEOSC you will have the opportunity to work on updates to the standard and will receive proposed updates for review and approval.

Robert E. Parks
04 May 2021

ISBN: 1-55752-271-5
Published: 1995