Style Guides and Templates for Optica Publishing Group Journals

Optica Publishing Group accepts manuscripts submitted in MS Word or LaTeX. Please use the appropriate templates and style guides provided below.

You may find it helpful to use our optional Paperpal manuscript readiness check and language polishing service.

Manuscript Preparation Templates (1 SEPTEMBER 2023)

Journal Suppl. Material
Style Guide MS Word Template LaTeX Template

Adv. Opt. Photon.

Appl. Opt.

Biomed. Opt. Express


J. Opt. Commun. Netw.


Optica Quantum

Opt. Mater. Express

Opt. Express

Optics Continuum

Photon. Res.

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(Universal Template)

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(Universal Template)

Supplemental Document


Authors of Letters and Memoranda should use the Length Check Template

Journal MS Word Template LaTeX Template

Opt. Lett.

Optica (Letters and Memoranda)

Citation Style Files

Instructions for LaTeX Submissions

  • Use standard LaTeX coding wherever possible and avoid use of custom macros.
  • Include just one .tex file. Using \include and multiple .tex files will not work.
  • Ensure that file names and file callouts use the same case:
    If figure1.pdf is lowercase, \includegraphics{figure1} must be lowercase as well.
  • Include any non-Optica Publishing Group or nonstandard style files with your submission.
  • Package your files at the root level in a .zip, .tar, or .tgz archive. Use of subfolders within a directory is okay; however, do not include an archive package within another archive package:
    For example, do not place a .tar within another .tar file.

Optica Publishing Group is now using Overleaf to process LaTeX submissions to Prism. Please follow the instructions below to ensure that your submission will be processed correctly. An Overleaf FAQ is provided below.

Overleaf Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Overleaf?

    Overleaf is a cloud-based system for writing, compiling, and sharing LaTeX projects. Optica Publishing Group is now using the Overleaf service instead of an internal TeX system to process LaTeX submissions to Prism. We are using Overleaf as a more reliable means of compiling LaTeX and because it provides authors with an easy method of troubleshooting errors and recompiling LaTeX.

  2. Do I have to use Overleaf?

    All manuscripts submitted to Prism will be compiled with Overleaf. Authors are not required to use Overleaf to prepare their manuscripts, but many will find Overleaf to be an excellent authoring tool with new opportunities for online collaboration and improved troubleshooting.

  3. Is Overleaf free to use?

    There is no charge to authors for Overleaf compilation when submitting manuscripts through Prism. However, use of Overleaf as an authoring tool requires an account. Overleaf offers free accounts as well as fee-based accounts with additional features.

  4. What packages does Overleaf support?

    Overleaf runs TeX Live on their servers, which provides about 4000 packages. To find out more, please visit

  5. Do I need to include the template files with my submission?

    You can either include the template files in your upload, or we will add them automatically when the files are sent to Overleaf to be compiled.

  6. My Prism submission failed. What do I do?

    If a Prism submission fails, on the submission confirmation page you will find an error message and a link to the error log generated in submission. If possible, use the error message and log to identify and resolve the problem. If desired, open your submission directly in Overleaf (an Overleaf account is required) or in your local TeX system. Do not hesitate to contact Overleaf or Optica Publishing Group directly for assistance (see below).

  7. Who can I contact for help?

  8. Where do I find the template files if I prefer to compile locally?

    Choose the journal-specific "Access on Overleaf" link above and open Overleaf. Click on the "Open As Template" button. In the template, at the left there is a dropdown arrow next to "Download as Zip". Choose the "For Submission (with .bbl)" option and download the template package.