Energy and Environmental Optics Express

Optica Publishing Group's original open-access journal, Optics Express, publishes a dedicated section, Energy and Environmental Optics Express. This section disseminates new developments in the science and engineering of light and their impact on sustainable energy, the environment, and green technologies. Since Energy and Environmental Optics Express is a part of Optics Express, authors benefit from its Impact Factor, as well as its rapid publication and peer-review processes.

Led by Editor James Sullivan, Florida Atlantic University, USA, and advised by the international editorial board of Optics Express, Energy and Environmental Optics Express welcomes your article submissions on such topics as:

Optics for Energy Topics

  • Photovoltaic materials, cells, and modules
  • Light-emitting diodes for energy-efficient displays, and solid-state lighting
  • Energy transfer, wavelength conversion, and luminescent materials
  • Thermophotovoltaic and solar thermal materials, devices, and systems
  • Solar concentrators, daylighting design, chromogenics, and smart windows
  • Heat storage, thermal emission control, and radiative transfer
  • Radiative cooling, smart roofs and wearables
  • Solar fuels, photoelectrodes, photocatalysis, hydrogen generation, photosynthesis, and solar water treatment
  • Remote sensing for manufacturing
  • High-power lasers for nuclear fusion and laser ignition
  • Light propulsion and solar sails design
  • Solar concentrators, daylighting design, and chromogenics
  • Thermal emission control, radiative transfer, and heat storage
  • Energy efficient coatings for radiative heating, cooling, and de-icing, smart lightbulbs, roofs, windows, and wearables

Environmental Optics Topics

  • Atmospheric measurements, modeling, and compensation
  • Weather monitoring and prediction enabled by remote sensing and high-speed high-resolution camera imaging
  • Coastal and ocean remote sensing and modeling, underwater imaging
  • Hyperspectral applications in the mining, oil, and gas industries
  • Remote aerosol and gas sensing
  • Urban and rural pollution monitoring
  • Advancements in LiDAR for environmental monitoring
  • Remote sensing, imaging, and illumination design for agriculture
  • Species discrimination and mapping of vegetation in forests and wetlands

Accepted papers are published immediately after processing and are posted within the Energy and Environmental Optics Express section on the Optics Express Issues in Progress page until the next issue is completed.

Manuscripts must be prepared according to the usual standards for submission to Optics Express and must be uploaded through Optica Publishing Group's electronic submission system. See the Authors page on the Optics Express site for more information.

Dedicated Section Editor

James Sullivan, Florida Atlantic University, USA


Optics Express Editor in Chief

James Leger, University of Minnesota