1. Introduction

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About This Resource

Communication of original research results may be one of the most important components of the scientific enterprise. When researchers publish their results as a journal article, the content becomes a valuable and lasting reference for the scientific community.

For many authors, however, aspects of the publication process might be unfamiliar. We created this guide to support our author community, particularly early career authors, by providing a detailed overview of the steps in a scholarly article’s lifecycle. The advice included here will cover taking the story of your research from the lab to the manuscript, all the way through to publication and beyond, with an emphasis on scholarly publishing ethics and best practices.

Each module listed in the menu to the left provides general information about the topic as well as specific information about Optica Publishing Group journals, processes, and policies. Section 14 contains links to all of the Optica Publishing Group resources cited in each module, as well as links to references that support the best practices described throughout the course.