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  • Generation of squeezed quantum microcombs with silicon nitride integrated photonic circuits

    Jahanbozorgi, Mandana; Yang, Zijiao; Sun, Shuman; Chen, Haoran; Liu, Ruxuan; Wang, Beichen; Yi, Xu
    • 2023
    • Optica 10(8) 1100-1101  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 1

    A two-mode squeezed microresonator-based frequency comb is demonstrated with CMOS-compatible silicon nitride integrated photonic circuits. Seventy quantum modes, in a span of 1.3 THz, are generated in...

  • Pulse-resolved beam position measurements of high energy X-ray pulses at MHz rate with a diamond sensor

    Çonka Yıldız, Tuba; Freund, Wolfgang; Liu, Jia; Pomorski, Michal; Grünert, Jan
    • 2023
    • Optica 10(8) 963-964  View: HTML | PDF

    The European X-ray Free Electron Laser facility produces extremely intense and short X-ray pulses. A diamond sensor proposed for non-invasive diagnostics of hard X-rays enables pulse-resolved beam p...

  • Photonic integration platform for rubidium sensors and beyond

    Zhang, Zeyu; Shen, Boqiang; Tran, Minh A.; Lee, Woonghee; Asawa, Kaustubh; Kim, Glenn; Shen, Yang; Morin, Theodore J.; Malik, Aditya; Bowers, John E.; Komljenovic, Tin; Zhang, Chong
    • 2023
    • Optica 10(6) 752-753  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 1

    We have advanced the heterogeneous silicon nitride photonic platform, enabling operation at the 780 nm wavelength range for rubidium sensors and other applications while remaining operable at high tem...

  • Quasi-steady-state air waveguide

    Goffin, A.; Tartaro, A.; Milchberg, H. M.
    • 2023
    • Optica 10(4) 505-506  View: HTML | PDF

    We report a quasi-continuously operating air waveguide, generated by high-repetition-rate patterned filamentation of femtosecond laser pulses. For repetition rates higher than the air therma...

  • Full-spectrum visible electro-optic modulator

    Xue, Shixin; Shi, Zhimin; Ling, Jingwei; Gao, Zhengdong; Hu, Qili; Zhang, Kaibo; Valentine, Gareth; Wu, Xi; Staffa, Jeremy; Javid, Usman A.; Lin, Qiang
    • 2023
    • Optica 10(1) 125-126  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 6

    We report an on-chip high-speed visible-band electro-optic modulator that can operate over the full visible spectrum of 400–700 nm, with a record low ${V_\pi} \cdot L$ ...

  • Small-sized, ultra-low phase noise photonic microwave oscillators at X-Ka bands

    Li, Jiang; Vahala, Kerry
    • 2023
    • Optica 10(1) 33-34  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 2

    Small-sized, ultra-low phase noise photonic microwave oscillators at 10, 20, 30, and 40 GHz are demonstrated using electro-optical frequency division. At 40 GHz, a record-low, to our knowledge, phase ...

  • All-optical sub-Kelvin sympathetic cooling of a levitated microsphere in vacuum

    Arita, Y.; Bruce, G. D.; Wright, E. M.; Simpson, S. H.; Zemánek, P.; Dholakia, K.
    • 2022
    • Optica 9(9) 1000-1002  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 6

    We demonstrate all-optical sympathetic cooling of a laser-trapped microsphere to sub-Kelvin temperatures, mediated by optical binding to a feedback-cooled adjacent particle. Our study opens prospects ...

  • High-temporal-resolution X-ray spectroscopy with free-electron and optical lasers

    Rivas, Daniel E.; Serkez, Svitozar; Baumann, Thomas M.; Boll, Rebecca; Czwalinna, Marie Kristin; Dold, Simon; de Fanis, Alberto; Gerasimova, Natalia; Grychtol, Patrik; Lautenschlager, Björn; Lederer, Maximilian; Jezynksi, Tomasz; Kane, Daniel; Mazza, Tommaso; Meier, Joachim; Müller, Jost; Pallas, Florent; Rompotis, Dimitrios; Schmidt, Philipp; Schulz, Sebastian; Usenko, Sergey; Venkatesan, Sandhya; Wang, Jinxiong; Meyer, Michael
    • 2022
    • Optica 9(4) 429-430  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 7

    Ultrafast X-ray spectroscopies require flexible X-ray properties together with high temporal and spectral resolution. Here, we demonstrate simultaneous sub-20 fs and sub-eV resolutions for pump/probe ...

  • Dual-polarization thin-film lithium niobate in-phase quadrature modulators for terabit-per-second transmission

    Xu, Mengyue; Zhu, Yuntao; Pittalà, Fabio; Tang, Jin; He, Mingbo; Ng, Wing Chau; Wang, Jingyi; Ruan, Ziliang; Tang, Xuefeng; Kuschnerov, Maxim; Liu, Liu; Yu, Siyuan; Zheng, Bofang; Cai, Xinlun
    • 2022
    • Optica 9(1) 61-62  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 111

    We report, to our knowledge, the first dual-polarization thin-film lithium niobate coherent modulator for next-generation optical links with sub-1-V driving voltage and 110-GHz bandwidth, enabling a r...

  • Free-space coupled superconducting nanowire single-photon detector with low dark counts

    Mueller, Andrew S.; Korzh, Boris; Runyan, Marcus; Wollman, Emma E.; Beyer, Andrew D.; Allmaras, Jason P.; Velasco, Angel E.; Craiciu, Ioana; Bumble, Bruce; Briggs, Ryan M.; Narvaez, Lautaro; Peña, Cristián; Spiropulu, Maria; Shaw, Matthew D.
    • 2021
    • Optica 8(12) 1586-1587  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 8

    A free-space coupled superconducting nanowire single-photon detector with high efficiency at 1550 nm, sub-0.1 Hz dark count rate, and sub-15 ps timing jitter is demonstrated....

  • Scan multiplier unit for ultrafast laser scanning beyond the inertia limit

    Xiao, Sheng; Davison, Ian; Mertz, Jerome
    • 2021
    • Optica 8(11) 1403-1404  View: HTML | PDF [Suppl. Mat. (2)]
    Cited by: 13

    A passive add-on greatly multiplies the sweep rate of any mechanical scanner while also enhancing throughput, enabling a single linear scanner to produce ultrafast 1D or 2D laser scans for general app...

  • Top-down convergence of near-infrared photonics with silicon substrate-integrated electronics

    Bernard, Martino; Acerbi, Fabio; Paternoster, Giovanni; Piccoli, Gioele; Gemma, Luca; Brunelli, Davide; Gola, Alberto; Pucker, Georg; Pancheri, Lucio; Ghulinyan, Mher
    • 2021
    • Optica 8(11) 1363-1364  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 9

    On-chip direct coupling of dielectric waveguides to Si substrate-integrated photodetectors has been realized within a top-down approach. A first-run 44% external quantum efficiency at 850 nm is shown ...

  • III/V-on-lithium niobate amplifiers and lasers

    Op de Beeck, Camiel; Mayor, Felix M.; Cuyvers, Stijn; Poelman, Stijn; Herrmann, Jason F.; Atalar, Okan; McKenna, Timothy P.; Haq, Bahawal; Jiang, Wentao; Witmer, Jeremy D.; Roelkens, Gunther; Safavi-Naeini, Amir H.; Van Laer, Raphaël; Kuyken, Bart
    • 2021
    • Optica 8(10) 1288-1289  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 44

    We demonstrate electrically pumped, heterogeneously integrated lasers on thin-film lithium niobate, featuring electro-optic wavelength tunability....

  • Single-photon avalanche diode imaging sensor for subsurface fluorescence LiDAR

    Bruza, Petr; Petusseau, Arthur; Ulku, Arin; Gunn, Jason; Streeter, Samuel; Samkoe, Kimberley; Bruschini, Claudio; Charbon, Edoardo; Pogue, Brian
    • 2021
    • Optica 8(8) 1126-1127  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 6

    We realized subsurface fluorescence LiDAR with a large format single-photon avalanche diode array capable of localizing and quantifying concentration of fluorescent molecules in heavily scattering med...

  • CMOS-foundry-based blue and violet photonics

    Morin, Theodore J.; Chang, Lin; Jin, Warren; Li, Chenlei; Guo, Joel; Park, Hyundai; Tran, Minh A.; Komljenovic, Tin; Bowers, John E.
    • 2021
    • Optica 8(5) 755-756  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 23

    We demonstrate a CMOS-foundry-based ${\rm{S}}{{\rm{i}}_3}{{\rm{N}}_4}$ S i 3 ...

  • How large is the quantum enhancement of two-photon absorption by time-frequency entanglement of photon pairs?

    Raymer, Michael G.; Landes, Tiemo; Allgaier, Markus; Merkouche, Sofiane; Smith, Brian J.; Marcus, Andrew H.
    • 2021
    • Optica 8(5) 757-758  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 24

    We present a theoretical proof that the “quantum enhancement” of two-photon absorption, thought to be a means to improve molecular spectroscopy and imaging, is tightly bounded by the physics of photon...

  • Reconfigurable carbon quantum emitters from CO2 gas reduced via surface plasmons

    Walia, Jaspreet; Rashid, Sabaa; Killaire, Graham; Variola, Fabio; Weck, Arnaud; Berini, Pierre
    • 2021
    • Optica 8(5) 708-709  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 3

    Silver gratings supporting surface plasmons at 532 nm catalyze the formation of light-emitting solid carbon from ${\rm CO}_2$ C O 2 gas, revealing a low-ener...

  • Gain mechanism in time-dependent media

    Pendry, J. B.; Galiffi, E.; Huidobro, P. A.
    • 2021
    • Optica 8(5) 636-637  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 14

    Conventionally, time-dependent systems add energy to electromagnetic waves by parametric amplification. Here we identify a distinct, alternative mechanism—compression of lines of force....

  • High-performance quantum-dot distributed feedback laser on silicon for high-speed modulations

    Liang, Di; Srinivasan, Sudharsanan; Descos, Antoine; Zhang, Chong; Kurczveil, Geza; Huang, Zhihong; Beausoleil, Raymond
    • 2021
    • Optica 8(5) 591-593  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 14

    We report a 1310 nm heterogeneous quantum-dot distributed feedback laser on silicon with high efficiency and modulation capability and demonstrate isolator-free external modulation at 25 Gb/s using a ...

  • Erbium dopants in nanophotonic silicon waveguides

    Weiss, Lorenz; Gritsch, Andreas; Merkel, Benjamin; Reiserer, Andreas
    • 2021
    • Optica 8(1) 40-41  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 34

    We perform resonant spectroscopy of erbium implanted into nanophotonic silicon waveguides, finding 1 GHz inhomogeneous broadening and homogeneous linewidths below 0.1 GHz. Our study thus introduces a ...