October 2019

  1. Optics Letters Research - Researchers Use 3D Printing to Make Glass Optical Fiber Preform
    30 Oct 2019
  2. Optics Express Research - Study Reveals How Age Affects Perception of White LED Light
    16 Oct 2019
  3. Optics Express has published a new editorial from Editor-in-Chief James Leger, in which he announces that the Energy Express section of Optics Express is being expanded to include environmental optics, and introduces its newest Deputy Editor Svetlana Boriskina.
    14 Oct 2019
  4. Applied Optics Research - Optical Imager Poised to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment of Dry Eye Disease
    04 Oct 2019
  5. Optics Letters Research - Tunable Optical Chip Paves Way for New Quantum Devices
    02 Oct 2019

August 2019

  1. Optica Research - Researchers Demonstrate All-Optical Neural Network for Deep Learning
    29 Aug 2019
  2. Optics Letters Research - Computational Approach Speeds Up Advanced Microscopy Imaging
    28 Aug 2019
  3. JOSA A has published a new editorial from Editor-in-Chief P. Scott Carney, in which he introduces the Journal’s newest Topical Editor, Svetlana Avramov-Zamurovic.
    20 Aug 2019
  4. Optics Letters Research - New Artificial Compound Eye Could Improve 3D Object Tracking
    19 Aug 2019
  5. Biomedical Optics Express Research - Non-Invasive Imaging Method Spots Cancer at the Molecular Level
    06 Aug 2019
  6. Biomedical Optics Express Research - Raman Spectroscopy Poised to Make Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis Less Invasive
    05 Aug 2019
  7. Introducing the New OSA Reviewer Resource Center - Whether you are new to the review process or are looking for specific information, this convenient portal offers something for everyone. It includes an extensive Recognition and Rewards Program—the first phase of a larger OSA volunteer rewards initiative—as well as comprehensive reviewer training and certification, plus advice and guidance directly from OSA’s journal editors.
    01 Aug 2019
  8. Optica Research - System to Image the Human Eye Corrects for Chromatic Aberrations
    01 Aug 2019

July 2019

  1. Applied Optics Research - Terahertz Imaging Technique Reveals Subsurface Insect Damage in Wood
    25 Jul 2019
  2. Applied Optics Research - Airborne Lidar System Poised to Improve Accuracy of Climate Change Models
    22 Jul 2019
  3. Photonics Research news release - Simple ‘smart’ glass reveals the future of artificial vision
    18 Jul 2019
  4. Optics Express Research - Fiber-optic Vibration Sensors Could Prevent Train Accidents
    17 Jul 2019
  5. AOP Celebrates 10 Years of Publication - The 30 June Issue of AOP features a collection of six commemorative 10th Anniversary Editorials from current Editor-in-Chief Govind Agrawal, founding Editor-in-Chief Bahaa Saleh, and several invited authors who have published highly cited reviews or tutorials in the Journal over the past decade.
    11 Jul 2019
  6. Optics Letters Research - High Brightness Mid-Infrared Laser Expands Horizon of Spectroscopic Analytical Technique
    03 Jul 2019

February 2019

  1. Optica Research - Researchers Move Closer to Practical Photonic Quantum Computing
    28 Feb 2019
  2. Optica has published a new Memorandum: Octave-spanning Cr:ZnS femtosecond laser with intrinsic nonlinear interferometry by Sergey Vasilyev, Igor Moskalev, Viktor Smolski, Jeremy Peppers, Mike Mirov, Vladimir Fedorov, Dmitry Martyshkin, Sergey Mirov, and Valentin Gapontsev
    21 Feb 2019
  3. Optical Materials Express Research - Thermally-Painted Metasurfaces Yield Perfect Light Absorbers for High-Tech Applications
    20 Feb 2019
  4. Congratulations to Advances in Optics and Photonics Editor-in-Chief Govind P. Agrawal for being named the 2019 Max Born Award recipient.
    19 Feb 2019
  5. Optical Materials Express Research - New Laser Methods Create Dazzling Colors on Metals
    19 Feb 2019
  6. Optics Express Research - Researchers Pinpoint Promising Approach for Analyzing Atmospheric Particles from Space
    07 Feb 2019
  7. Optics Express Research - New Progress Toward Chip-Based Ghost Imaging
    04 Feb 2019
  8. JOSA A has published a new Tutorial, Quantum dipole emitters in structured environments: a scattering approach, by Dorian Bouchet and Rémi Carminati. All JOSA A Tutorials are free to view and download.
    01 Feb 2019
  9. Call for Nominations: 2018 OMEx Emerging Researcher Best-Paper Prize Criteria include scientific significance, quality, and presentation of the results. To be eligible, the first author of the paper must be a student or early-career researcher within five years of earning his/her highest degree. The recipient will be selected by a committee of OMEx associate editors and will receive a certificate and waiver of a future publication fee in OMEx. Email nominations to osajournals@osa.org before 1 March 2019
    01 Feb 2019

January 2019

  1. Optica Research - Environmentally Stable Laser Emits Exceptionally Pure Light
    31 Jan 2019
  2. JOSA B has published a new editorial from incoming Editor-in-Chief Kurt Busch, in which he expresses his gratitude to his predecessors and outlines some of his goals for his term.
    25 Jan 2019
  3. Optics Express has published a new editorial from incoming Editor-in-Chief James Leger, in which he acknowledges the support of the Optics Express editorial board and welcomes new Senior Deputy Editor, Chris Dainty.
    25 Jan 2019
  4. Optica Research - Multicolor Holography Technology Could Enable Extremely Compact 3D Displays
    24 Jan 2019
  5. Optics Letters Research - New Technology Uses Lasers to Transmit Audible Messages to Specific People
    23 Jan 2019
  6. OSA Publishing News - The Optical Society Announces New Editors-in-Chief for Two of its Core Journals
    15 Jan 2019