December 2017

  1. Optica Research - New Lensless Camera Creates Detailed 3D Images Without Scanning
    21 Dec 2017
  2. Applied Optics Research - Powerful New Tool for Looking for Life Beyond Earth
    20 Dec 2017
  3. JOSA A News - JOSA A has published a new editorial from P. Scott Carney, in which he congratulates recent awardees and introduces the Journal’s newest Topical Editors.
    14 Dec 2017
  4. Optics Express Research - New Type of Smart Windows Use Liquid to Switch from Clear to Reflective
    13 Dec 2017
  5. Optica Research - Glass with Switchable Opacity Could Improve Solar Cells and LEDs
    11 Dec 2017
  6. Applied Optics Research - Innovative System Images Photosynthesis to Provide Picture of Plant Health
    07 Dec 2017

November 2017

  1. Biomedical Optics Express Research - Innovative Microscope Poised to Propel Optogenetics Studies
    29 Nov 2017
  2. JOSA A News - JOSA A has published a new editorial from P. Scott Carney, in which he provides an update on JOSA A Tutorials.
    22 Nov 2017
  3. Optica Research - Super-resolution Photoacoustic Imaging Could Allow Scientists to Watch Blood Vessels with Improved Resolution
    09 Nov 2017
  4. Biomedical Optics Express Research - Wireless Handheld Spectrometer Transmits Data to Smartphone
    08 Nov 2017
  5. Optics Express Research - New Approach Uses Light Instead of Robots to Assemble Electronic Components
    07 Nov 2017
  6. JOSA B News - Announcement to the world-wide optics community The OSA Board of Editors welcomes nominations for the position of Editor-in-chief of Journal of the Optical Society of America B (JOSA B), with a three-year term to begin 1 January 2019.
    07 Nov 2017
  7. Biomedical Optics Express Research - Illuminated pajamas treat newborns See article in the October issue.
    03 Nov 2017
  8. Optical Materials Express Research - Metal-Silicone Microstructures Could Enable New Types of Flexible Optical and Electrical Devices
    01 Nov 2017

October 2017

  1. Journal of Lightwave Technology News - Congratulations to the Journal of Lightwave Technology EIC Peter J. Winzer for receiving the 2018 John Tyndall Award.
    30 Oct 2017
  2. Optics Letters Research - New Imaging Approach Maps Whole-Brain Changes from Alzheimer’s Disease in Mice
    17 Oct 2017
  3. Optica Research - In a first for wearable optics, researchers develop stretchy fiber to capture body motion
    12 Oct 2017
  4. OSA Publishing News - In honor of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics and LIGO recognition, OSA Publishing has put together a collection of LIGO-related content from our Digital Library. Click here to view the entire collection, which will be free to download until 4 January 2018.
    05 Oct 2017
  5. Optical Materials Express Research - DNA: The next hot material in photonics?
    02 Oct 2017

September 2017

  1. JOSA A News - New Discussion Paper: Clarification and unification of the obliquity factor in diffraction and scattering theories by Yijun Bao and Thomas K. Gaylord
    25 Sep 2017
  2. Optica News - New Memorandum: Polarization coherence theorem by J. H. Eberly, X.-F. Qian, and A. N. Vamivakas
    22 Sep 2017
  3. Applied Optics Research - New Technique Accurately Digitizes Transparent Objects
    19 Sep 2017
  4. OSA Publishing News - OSA Publishing Recognizes and Congratulates Outstanding Reviewers
    14 Sep 2017
  5. Biomedical Optics Express Research - New Software Turns Mobile-Phone Accessory into Breathing Monitor
    13 Sep 2017
  6. Optics Letters Research - Light-Based Method Improves Practicality and Quality of Remote Wind Measurements
    06 Sep 2017
  7. On the Cover - Effects of gain nonlinearities in an optically injected gain lever semiconductor laser
    06 Sep 2017

August 2017

  1. Spotlight - Compressed sensing in synthetic aperture photoacoustic tomography based on a linear array ultrasound transducer
    30 Aug 2017
  2. Optica Research - High-Dimensional Quantum Encryption Performed in Real-World City Conditions for First Time
    24 Aug 2017
  3. Applied Optics News - New Editorial from Ron Driggers: In it, he shares a recent adventure, encourages readers to experience the upcoming total solar eclipse in the U.S., and announces that he has accepted a faculty position.
    22 Aug 2017
  4. JOSA A News - New Tutorial: Propagation of uncertainties and applications in numerical modeling by Dominique Barchiesi and Thomas Grosges
    22 Aug 2017
  5. Optics Letters News - New 40th Anniversary Editorial by former Editor-in-Chief Anthony J. Campillo: In it, he details the journal’s evolution and describes how OL led him to become an active OSA volunteer.
    22 Aug 2017
  6. Optics Express News - New 20th Anniversary Editorial by former Editor-in-Chief Michael Duncan: In it, he tells about the extraordinary growth of the journal from 2002 to 2006 and speculates on why it happened.
    22 Aug 2017
  7. Optics Express News - New content added to the 20th Anniversary website: The celebration continues! View the 26th-50th most cited OpEx papers of all time, four new Editors' Picks Collections, and more.
    22 Aug 2017
  8. Optica Research - New Terahertz Imaging Approach Could Speed Up Skin Cancer Detection
    17 Aug 2017
  9. Biomedical Optics Express Research - New Tool Aims to Make Surgery Safer by Helping Doctors See Nerves
    16 Aug 2017
  10. Optics Express Research -New Optical Method Pinpoints Weak Spots in Jet Engine Thermal Coatings
    09 Aug 2017

June 2017

  1. Optical Materials Express Research - Moisture-Responsive ‘Robots’ Crawl with No External Power Source
    26 Jun 2017
  2. Optica Research - New Screen Coating Makes Reading in Sunlight a Lot Easier. The Secret? Moth Eyes.
    22 Jun 2017
  3. Optics Letters Research - New 3D Display Takes the Eye Fatigue Out of Virtual Reality
    21 Jun 2017
  4. Optics Express News - Optics Express Celebrates 20 Years of Innovative Research and Scientific Impact
    12 Jun 2017
  5. Optica Research - Researchers Discover Short-Cut to Satellite-Based Quantum Encryption Network
    12 Jun 2017
  6. JOSA A News - New Tutorial: In this unique, open-access tutorial, two color scientists debate the topic of color opponency, from the viewpoints of color appearance (psychophysics) and measurement of nerve cell responses (physiology).
    09 Jun 2017
  7. Optics Letters News - New 40th Anniversary Content: We continue to celebrate Optics Letters' 40th Anniversary with exciting updates to the anniversary website. View newly added most-cited articles, Editors' Picks collections, and more!
    09 Jun 2017

May 2017

  1. Optics Express Research - Breakthrough Curved Sensor Could Dramatically Improve Image Quality Captured with Digital Cameras
    30 May 2017
  2. Optics Letters News - The Optical Society Commemorates the Rich Tradition and History of Optics Letters
    22 May 2017
  3. Optics Express News - Visit the Journal's 20th anniversary website for special content to recognize this exciting milestone for the first open-access journal in physics.
    08 May 2017
  4. Optics Letters Research - New Fiber-Based Sensor Could Quickly Detect Structural Problems in Bridges and Dams
    04 May 2017

April 2017

  1. Applied Optics News - New Editorial from Ron Driggers: In it, he cautions authors and provides advice on how to avoid using trademarked or copyrighted content in a journal publication.
    27 Apr 2017
  2. Optica News - All of Optica’s eye-catching cover designs, featuring high-impact research from the Journal, are now viewable in one place. Visit the home page and click on "All Issues" in the navigation menu. To learn more about each cover, select an issue then click on “About the Cover” under the image.
    27 Apr 2017
  3. Optica Research - New Fiber Optic Probe Brings Endoscopic Diagnosis of Cancer Closer to the Clinic
    27 Apr 2017
  4. Applied Optics Research - New Approach to Improve Detection of Landfill-Related Pollution
    24 Apr 2017
  5. Optica Research - By Listening to Optical “Noise,” Researchers Discover New Way to Track Hidden Objects
    20 Apr 2017
  6. Optica Research - New Infrared-Emitting Device Could Allow Energy Harvesting from Waste Heat
    13 Apr 2017
  7. Applied Optics News - New Editorial from Ron Driggers: In it, he reflects on another successful year for Applied Optics and discusses the Journal's efforts to publish institutional Feature Issues.
    03 Apr 2017
  8. JOSA B News - New Editorial from Grover Swartzlander: In it, he summarizes a year of Centennial celebrations and reflects on the long-term value of papers published in the Journal.
    03 Apr 2017

March 2017

  1. Biomedical Optics Express Research - Researchers Watch Blood Vessels Develop in Whole Zebrafish Embryos
    30 Mar 2017
  2. Optics Letters Research - Tiny Sensor Lays Groundwork for Precision X-Rays Detection via Endoscopy
    28 Mar 2017
  3. OSA Publishing News - Improve the language quality of your next manuscript! Sign up today for OSA Publishing's English-language editing service and enter code OSA50 to save an extra $50! Offer expires 31 May.
    27 Mar 2017
  4. Applied Optics News - Newly Published: Modern Imaging Feature Issue
    22 Mar 2017
  5. Optics Express News - Newly Published: Nonlinearity Mitigation for Coherent Transmission Systems Feature Issue
    22 Mar 2017
  6. Optical Materials Express Research - New Low-Cost Method to Produce Light-based Lab-on-a-Chip Devices for Fast Medical Tests
    22 Mar 2017
  7. Optica Research - Electro-optical Switch Transmits Data at Record-Low Temperatures
    16 Mar 2017
  8. Optics Express Research - Quantum Key System Could Make Mobile Transactions far More Secure
    15 Mar 2017
  9. Applied Optics Research - Low-Cost Monitoring Device uses Light to Quickly Detect Oil Spills
    06 Mar 2017

February 2017

  1. Optica Research - Researchers Use Laser-Generated Bubbles to Create 3D Images in Liquid
    23 Feb 2017
  2. Journal of the Optical Society of America News - As OSA's Centennial celebration winds down, we're adding exciting, new content to the JOSA Centennial Commemorative Website including five new Invited Reviews and nine new Editors' Picks Collections.
    23 Feb 2017
  3. Optics Express News - Congratulations to Optics Express EIC Andrew M. Weiner for being named Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors.
    23 Feb 2017
  4. Applied Optics News - New Editorial from Ronald Driggers: Improving representation of women in engineering and physics
    22 Feb 2017
  5. Optics Letters Research - Increasing the Sensitivity of Next-Generation Gravitational Wave Detectors
    09 Feb 2017
  6. Optics Express News - This year marks the 20th anniversary of Optics Express. To kick off the celebration, Editor-in-Chief Andrew Weiner wrote a new editorial.
    08 Feb 2017
  7. Optics Express Research - Low-Cost Imaging System Detects Natural Gas Leaks in Real Time
    06 Feb 2017
  8. Optics Letters News - Visit the Journal's 40th anniversary website for special content to mark this exciting milestone.
    06 Feb 2017
  9. Optical Materials Express Research - Novel Liquid Crystal Could Triple Sharpness of Today’s Televisions
    01 Feb 2017

January 2017

  1. Optics Express Research - Researchers Create Practical and Versatile Microscopic Optomechanical Device
    09 Jan 2017
  2. Optics Letters Research - New Microscope Chemically Identifies Micron-Sized Particles
    05 Jan 2017
  3. Biomedical Optics Express News - Congratulations to Biomedical Optics Express EIC Christoph Hitzenberger for being awarded the 2017 Fritz J. and Dolores H. Russ Prize.
    05 Jan 2017
  4. Optics Letters News - This year marks the 40th anniversary of Optics Letters. To kick off the celebration, Editor-in-Chief Xi-Cheng Zhang published a new Editorial. In it, he reflects on the Journal's standing in the optics and photonics community, and announces the special features that will mark the occasion throughout 2017.
    05 Jan 2017
  5. Biomedical Optics Express Research - New Sensor Integrates Inflammatory Bowel Disease Detection into Colonoscopy Procedure
    04 Jan 2017