December 2014

  1. Applied Optics Research - Yellowstone's Thermal Springs -- Their Colors Unveiled
    19 Dec 2014
  2. Biomedical Optics Express Research - Potential New Tool for Cervical Cancer Detection and Diagnosis
    15 Dec 2014
  3. Optica Research - Fraud-proof Credit Cards Possible with Quantum Physics
    15 Dec 2014
  4. Applied Optics Research - Ever Tried a "Laser Delicious" Apple?
    03 Dec 2014

November 2014

  1. Optics Express Research - Giving LEDs a Cozy, Warm Glow
    19 Nov 2014
  2. Optica Research - Smartphones Team-Up with QR Codes for Secure 3-D Displays
    14 Nov 2014
  3. Optics Express Research - Powerful Imaging for Point-of-care Diagnostics
    05 Nov 2014

October 2014

  1. Applied Optics Research - Supersonic Laser-Propelled Rockets
    29 Oct 2014
  2. Optics Letters Research - New 3D Display Technology Promises Greater Energy Efficiency
    22 Oct 2014
  3. Optica Research - Magnetic Mirrors Enable New Technologies by Reflecting Light in Uncanny Ways
    16 Oct 2014
  4. Optics Express Research - Frequency Combs Enable Remote 3-D Mapping
    08 Oct 2014
  5. Biomedical Optics Express Research - ‘Smart’ Bandage Emits Phosphorescent Glow for Healing Below
    01 Oct 2014

August 2014

  1. Biomedical Optics Express Research - This is Your Brain's Blood Vessels on Drugs
    28 Aug 2014
  2. Optica Research - UAlberta Engineers Take Major Step Toward Photonic Circuits. Nano-optical cables could replace copper wiring on computer chips… more
    20 Aug 2014
  3. Optica Research - Laser 'Lightning Rods' Channel Electricity Through Thin Air
    19 Aug 2014
  4. Optica Research - New Hand-Held Device Uses Lasers, Sound Waves for Deeper Melanoma Imaging
    06 Aug 2014

July 2014

  1. OSA Journal Portfolio Continues to Lead Optics Category in Total Citations and Articles in Thomson Reuters 2014 Journal Citation Reports - The Optical Society (OSA) is pleased to announce its full portfolio... more
    30 Jul 2014
  2. Wearable Device for the Early Detection of Common Diabetes-related Neurological Condition - A group of researchers in Taiwan has developed a new optical... more
    28 Jul 2014
  3. Self-cooling Solar Cells Boost Power, Last Longer - Scientists at Stanford University may have overcome one of the major... more
    22 Jul 2014
  4. The Optical Society Launches Optica, New Open-Access Journal for Highest-Impact Research in the Science of Light - The Optical Society (OSA) today published the first issue of Optica,... more
    22 Jul 2014
  5. Improving Driver Safety: How to Prevent Streetlight Glare in the New World of LED Lighting - Long hours of nighttime driving can cause eyestrain because while our... more
    18 Jul 2014
  6. Overcoming Light Scattering: Single-pixel Optical System Uses Compressive Sensing to See Deeper Inside Tissue - A team of researchers from Spain’s Jaume I University (UJI) and the... more
    02 Jul 2014

June 2014

  1. Applied Optics Offers New Publishing Opportunity: Engineering and Lab Notes…more
    27 Jun 2014
  2. Packing Hundreds of Sensors into a Single Optical Fiber for use in Harsh Environments - By fusing together the concepts of active fiber sensors and... more
    26 Jun 2014
  3. A Better Imager for Identifying Tumors - Research published today in OSA's journal Optics Letters details a... more
    19 Jun 2014
  4. Making Smartphones Smarter with See-through Sensors - Your smartphone’s display glass could soon be more than just a pretty... more
    18 Jun 2014
  5. Check Your Glucose with a Turn of the Wrist: New Biometric Watches Use Light to Non-Invasively Monitor Vital Signs - Monitoring a patient’s vital signs and other physiological parameters... more
    10 Jun 2014

May 2014

  1. Sight for Sore Eyes: Augmented Reality without the Discomfort - Augmented reality is increasingly becoming… well … a reality.... more
    28 May 2014
  2. Skinny Lens Makes Cheap Surveillance Camera for Home Use - A team of French researchers has found a way to make a thermal... more
    21 May 2014
  3. The LaTeX templates for the Express journals are now available on WriteLaTeX. Authors are encouraged to use this free online collaborative tool to create, edit, and share your LaTeX article with your co-authors.
    15 May 2014

April 2014

  1. Bake Your Own Droplet Lens - A droplet of clear liquid can bend light, acting as a lens. Now, by... more
    24 Apr 2014
  2. Read this editorial that clarifies the scope of Optics Express with regards to digital image processing.
    22 Apr 2014
  3. Let the Sun Shine In: Redirecting Sunlight to Urban Alleyways - In dense, urban centers around the world, many people live and work... more
    14 Apr 2014
  4. Alison Taylor Joins The Optical Society as Executive Editor - The Optical Society (OSA) announced today that Alison Taylor has... more
    07 Apr 2014

March 2014

  1. Shrink Wrap Used to Enhance Detection of Infectious Disease Biomarkers - Detecting HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other deadly infectious... more
    20 Mar 2014

February 2014

  1. Thicker than Water: Medical Researchers Use Light to Quickly and Easily Measure Blood’s Clotting Properties - To provide caregivers with timely information about the clotting... more
    24 Feb 2014
  2. A Stretchable Highway for Light - A team of Belgian researchers reports progress on this front with... more
    18 Feb 2014
  3. First 3-D Movies of Living Sperm - more
    11 Feb 2014
  4. OSA to Launch New Gold Open-Access Journal Focused on High-Impact Results - The Optical Society (OSA) today announced it will publish a new... more
    05 Feb 2014

January 2014

  1. OSA Announces New Editors of Advances in Optics and Photonics and Optics Letters - The Optical Society (OSA) is pleased to announce that Govind Agrawal... more
    31 Jan 2014
  2. A Silk Coat for Diamonds Makes Sleek New Imaging and Drug Delivery Tool - Silk and diamonds aren't just for ties and jewelry anymore. They're... more
    27 Jan 2014
  3. Fur and Feathers Keep Animals Warm by Scattering Light - In work that has major implications for improving the performance of... more
    23 Jan 2014
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    07 Jan 2014