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  • Heterogeneous integration in silicon photonics: opportunities and challenges: opinion

    Baets, Roel; Rahim, Abdul
    • 2023
    • Optical Materials Express 13(12) 3439-3444  View: HTML | PDF

    The application span of silicon photonics is rapidly evolving from high speed transceivers for data- and telecommunication to a broad range of functionalities for many different markets, especially in...

  • Near-field quantum nanoscopy in the far-infrared enabled by quantum cascade lasers: opinion

    Vitiello, Miriam Serena
    • 2023
    • Optical Materials Express 13(11) 3045-3050  View: HTML | PDF

    In this opinion article, I summarize some of the recent developments in the field of near-field nanoscopy of quantum materials in the far-infrared, highlighting the key role of the quantum cascade las...

  • A hybrid solution for spatial light modulators with a large space-bandwidth product: opinion

    Chen, Rui; Tara, Virat; Singh, Anna-Wirth; Saxena, Abhi; Fröch, Johannes E.; Reynolds, Matthew S.; Majumdar, Arka
    • 2023
    • Optical Materials Express 13(8) 2416-2421  View: HTML | PDF

    Increasing the space-bandwidth product of spatial light modulators incurs severe issues in terms of power consumption, mutual crosstalk, and control signal wiring. In this opinion article, we propose ...

  • The future of quantum in polariton systems: opinion

    Liew, T. C. H.
    • 2023
    • Optical Materials Express 13(7) 1938-1946  View: HTML | PDF

    A significant amount of control of exciton-polaritons has been achieved over the past decades, including their creation, localization in desired modes, coupling between modes, manipulation by control ...

  • Quantum dot materials for mid-IR photodetection: opinion

    Song, Haemin; Tischenko, Yadviga; Wasserman, Daniel; Jeong, Kwang Seob
    • 2023
    • Optical Materials Express 13(5) 1328-1334  View: HTML | PDF

    In this opinion we trace the evolution of the quantum dot mid-infrared photodetector, from epitaxially-grown self-assembled quantum dot detectors, to a new generation of colloidal nano-crystal based d...

  • Time-varying electromagnetic media: opinion

    Pacheco-Peña, Victor; M. Solís, Diego; Engheta, Nader
    • 2022
    • Optical Materials Express 12(10) 3829-3836  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 12

    In this opinion article, we briefly summarize some of the background materials and recent developments in the field of temporal and spatiotemporal media and provide our opinion on some of potential ch...

  • Glass, optics and IYOG: opinion

    Parker, John M.; Durán, Alicia
    • 2022
    • Optical Materials Express 12(8) 2938-2941  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 3

    How glass objects have evolved from simple artefacts valued for their appearance to sophisticated devices that have transformed our lives through their ability to manipulate light....

  • All-dielectric resonant metaphotonics: opinion

    Tonkaev, Pavel; Kivshar, Yuri
    • 2022
    • Optical Materials Express 12(7) 2879-2885  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 4

    Nanophotonics underpins the future technologies for creating reconfigurable optical circuitry for high-performing optical devices, ultrafast computers, and very compact efficient biosensors integrated...

  • Are phase change materials ideal for programmable photonics?: opinion

    Simpson, Robert E.; Yang, Joel K. W.; Hu, Juejun
    • 2022
    • Optical Materials Express 12(6) 2368-2373  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 5

    The objective of this Opinion is to stimulate new research into materials that can meet the needs of tomorrow’s programmable photonics components. Herein, we argue that the inherent property portfolio...

  • Charge and field driven integrated optical modulators: comparative analysis: opinion

    Khurgin, Jacob B.; Sorger, Volker J.; Amin, Rubab
    • 2022
    • Optical Materials Express 12(5) 1784-1789  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 5

    Electro optic modulators being key for many signal processing systems must adhere to requirements given by both electrical and optical constraints. Distinguishing between charge driven (CD) and field ...

  • Emerging devices and packaging strategies for electronic-photonic AI accelerators: opinion

    Peserico, Nicola; Ferreira de Lima, Thomas; Prucnal, Paul; Sorger, Volker J.
    • 2022
    • Optical Materials Express 12(4) 1347-1351  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 10

    The field of mimicking the structure of the brain on a chip is experiencing interest driven by the demand for machine intelligent applications. However, the power consumption and available performance...

  • Lithography-free metamaterial absorbers: opinion

    Ghobadi, Amir; Ulusoy Ghobadi, Turkan Gamze; Ozbay, Ekmel
    • 2022
    • Optical Materials Express 12(2) 524-532  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 1

    Although advancement in nanofabrication provides the opportunity to realize nanoscale geometries with high resolutions, the scalability and repeatability issues limit their large-scale applications. L...

  • Plasmonic hot-carriers and their applications: opinion

    Reddy, Harsha; Shalaev, Vladimir M.
    • 2021
    • Optical Materials Express 11(11) 3827-3832  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 4

    The generation of nonequilibrium hot-carriers from the decay of surface plasmons has been attracting intense research attention in the last decade due to both the fundamental aspects of extreme light-...

  • Hybrid integrated photonic platforms: opinion

    Yoo, S. J. Ben
    • 2021
    • Optical Materials Express 11(10) 3528-3534  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 7

    While photonic integration has made remarkable progress in recent years, there is no one integrated photonic platform that offers all desired functionalities and manufacturability on the same platform...

  • Radiative heat and momentum transfer from materials with broken symmetries: opinion

    Pajovic, Simo; Tsurimaki, Yoichiro; Qian, Xin; Boriskina, Svetlana V.
    • 2021
    • Optical Materials Express 11(9) 3125-3131  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 14

    Broken inversion and time reversal symmetries affect the electromagnetic wave modes supported by continuous media, which in turn governs thermal radiation and enables control of radiative heat, linear...

  • Plasmonics–mine the gap: opinion

    Gordon, Reuven; Dobinson, Michael
    • 2021
    • Optical Materials Express 11(7) 2192-2196  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 4

    Gap plasmon structures could enable future ultrafast communication by allowing simultaneous nanoscale integration of electromagnetic waves, nonlinear and optical-electrical conversion, and providing a...

  • Twistronics for photons: opinion

    Hu, Guangwei; Qiu, Cheng-Wei; Alù, Andrea
    • 2021
    • Optical Materials Express 11(5) 1377-1382  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 17

    A pair of stacked two-dimensional heterostructures suitably rotated with respect to each other support exotic electronic properties with interesting implications for nanoelectronics and quantum techno...

  • Roadmap for gain-bandwidth-product enhanced photodetectors: opinion

    Sorger, Volker J.; Maiti, Rishi
    • 2020
    • Optical Materials Express 10(9) 2192-2200  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 9

    Photodetectors are key optoelectronic building blocks performing the essential optical-to-electrical signal conversion, and unlike solar cells, operate at a specific wavelength and at high signal or s...

  • Nonlinear epsilon-near-zero materials explained: opinion

    Kinsey, N.; Khurgin, J.
    • 2019
    • Optical Materials Express 9(7) 2793-2796  View: HTML | PDF
    Cited by: 57

    Epsilon-near-zero materials have recently come onto the scene as promising new nonlinear optical materials. However, this field is quite crowded and it is prudent to ask whether they possess any key f...