Optics and Spectroscopy Undergraduate Laboratory Resource Book

By Kevin M. Jones and Jefferson Strait

The experiments described in this book seek to illustrate basic principles of physics and their modern technological applications. As you can see, we stretched the term "Modern Optics" to include a wide variety of experiments that in one way or another involve light. For example, see the description of a beautiful new implementation of the classic Millikan oil drop experiment. Others are perhaps more what one would expect to find under the heading of modern optics--the electrooptic effect and several experiments that explore the workings of a helium neon laser. While many of the experiments are at an advanced undergraduate level, some are readily adapted to introductory or even non-major courses. For example, at Williams we have used the "Inside a Helium Neon Laser" experiment with non-majors, with advanced placement freshmen, and with sophomores. Copyright 1993

ISBN: 1-55752-270-7

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