The Science of Color

By Optical Society of America

The science of color has for its field large areas of several sciences including physics, chemistry, histology, physiology, and psychology, and it contributes importantly to many arts, including architecture, decoration, illumination, industrial design, and the graphic arts. The measurement of color is one of the most recent developments in the science of color. This development owes something to each of the sciences and contributes to all of the visual arts. No one person could prepare a properly balanced account of the foundations of the science of color. Several authors, who worked within a plan established by the Committee on Colorimetry of the Optical Society of America, and who subjected their texts to review, criticism, revision, condensation, expansion, and rearrangement by the Committee, have created this book. The Committee hopes that the result of the freely given best thought and labor of its contributors and members will be found to be a clear, balanced, and authoritative treatment of the science of color. Copyright 1963

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