Tutorials in Optics

By Duncan T. Moore, Editor

The purpose of these tutorials was to educate members of the Optical Society in areas of optics in which they were not expert. Clearly, over the years since we graduated, the field has changed enormously. Some concepts, such as the free electron laser and squeezed states had not been developed. I think the free tutorial is an important educational tool and one that the Optical Society should use more often. The natural extension of these tutorials is a written publication. In the original meeting, twelve tutorials were given. However, only eight have been reduced to writing. This is unfortunate, but at some point one must recognize that this is a volunteer organization and the time pressures on individuals is enormous. These papers do, however, provide a permanent record of the subfields at the time. This book will also provide a valuable and readily available source of information to those who could not attend the meeting and to researchers who have entered the field after that meeting. Copyright 1992

ISBN: 1-55752-038-0

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